Meditation - A necessary part of HUMA

It is very important to establish a habit of meditation. There are thousands of ways that are taught and you need to always be on a journey to find the right way for you. But there is one way that is absolutely necessary to keep the Huma energy working for you, once you receive this healing.

We are constantly trying to teach people to learn to hear their own inner voice and the voice of those around them. You can not hear it if you are not in silence. You cannot connect to your spirit if you are distracted. We are not always talking about the dog barking or the phone ringing. It may be trying to meditate with music or a directional instruction. This kind of meditation is for a different intention. The Huma meditation is done for the intention of connecting with your inner guidance to assist with healing and letting go. So, it then must be done in a different way than you may be used to. There is no right or wrong with other meditations, but this type of meditation needs to be learned if your intent is to work with Huma energy.

Huma meditation is one that needs to be done every day. That's why it's important to have it be easy and so that it becomes a habit. You can add other types of meditation into your day or at other times, but know that the silent way is the most effective.

You can begin practicing this before you receive a healing as it will help you to establish a pattern and you will become more receptive to the healing.

Begin by becoming comfortable. I like to do it before I get out of bed in the morning and before going to sleep at night. (Warren and I need to do this after eating. The healing energy becomes strong when we are receiving physical energy as well.) Make sure your legs and arms are not crossed. The palms of your hands can be facing up or down, as this energy works with your solar-plex and crown area.

Take a deep, slow breath in (Count to 8). Feel your abs rising and open your shoulders as well. Feel the air filling your entire body.

Hold the breath (Count to 4). This allows the oxygen to travel farther into the body, from head to toe.

Release the breath through the mouth (Count to 8). Slowly and deeply. This helps to release all tension from the body and releases toxins.

Now repeat this breath work two more times.

Begin the silence now by breathing in and out with a regular rhythm through the nose. Let your mind focus on the breath. (You can think the words "in" and "out" to assist you in the beginning). Continue for a minimum of 5 minutes until complete. You may take one more deep breath when you are finished.

There is probably going to be thoughts that enter in or noises that disrupt the silence. Do not fight them, but rather make them a part of the process. Remember they are not to be your focus. Just remember that you are listening to your breath and go right back to it.

Meditation is the key to all healing. Let it become a part of your life. It will keep your calmer and focus on that which is important to you. You will gain more clarity of mind. You may not notice any real change at first, but we never seem to notice those good days we have after some bad ones. In the same way, you may not realize the benefits until you look back at where you began from.

Never underestimate the power that lies within you.