Ghost Removals

Warren's energy work has assisted many ghosts to find their peace. Huma energy can heal many of us who are physically present, but those that only think they are, really need to be heard and healed as well. A ghost is very confused, to say the least, but most of the time they are suffering. They usually are victims of a very traumatic ending or they are the cause of trauma in others. Their presence effects everyone around them.

First it is necessary to establish a haunting or a presence. This can be done during a psychic reading with Mary Kay. The ghost could be living on your property, in your home, or attached to you or someone in the family. You may also be totally aware of the ghosts who are around you as you have had experiences that leave you no doubt. You may not need a reading to begin the removal.

Once the connection with the ghost has been made, we are then able to begin the process. We do not need to personally be present, as this is all done on an energetic level. A ghost removal can take place during a reading or at another designated time. We energetically lift the ghost from your home and bring them to our designated area. At that time we have communication to find out what it is that is holding them here. Sometimes they tell us many details and sometimes they just need to have their existence acknowledged. My clairvoyance allows me to see who is waiting for them on the other side, as this person can come in and assist. We are always being guided by angelic presence and are there as needed. I can see the white light they walk into and sometimes we get the opportunity to feel the tremendous amount of love.

All the ghosts, what you consider good and bad, go into the light. Once they enter the passage beyond the light, we have no idea what exactly takes place. We just know that they will be taken care of. Sometimes these people want to escape going into the light, but they are not allowed to come back and have much assistance in getting them in. Sometimes the ghost will come back in spirit for a day or two. Usually this is a way of validating that they were removed. But generally your house and you will have a great sense of lightness and peacefulness.

We have never had any problem removing the ghosts that are present but we can not say you will never experience a ghost again. If you are very open, you may attract them. The area that you live in may also attract them. But they are much easier to remove if they do not belong there. Removing ghosts is also considered a healing and you are also assisting with that healing.

Ghost investigation and reading is $95 per hour.

Ghost removal involves you, your family, and your property. You can also designate another place that is important to you, such as your work place or other people close to you.