Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression has many purposes. It is one form of healing therapy and can have interesting results.

It can be a physical healing. You may have an unexplained pain that can not be resolved as it does not usually show a source. For example, I knew someone who had a sore shoulder for many years. There was no known injury or nothing seemed to show up during tests. In a regression, she found out that she was shot in the shoulder. The pain was released. Not every injury can be released this way, only if the connection was due to a past life.

It can be an emotional or personality healing. You may have fears that can not be explained or understood. I had one client that had an intense fear of losing her child. There seemed to be no logical reason. It was discovered that she lost her children by a terrible tragedy in another time and place. The fear began to subside.
Another client felt that he was entitled to only the best items, etc. It wasn't easy to function normally as he did not have the means to live that way. In the regression, he had been a young male that had a wealthy upbringing and died rather young. He was able to relax his intense need.

It is also an important part of a spiritual journey to help release blockages within your energy system. Your soul has many memories that sometimes lapse into your physical mind. You can begin to feel more content in life if you have had an opportunity to release past traumas and by also acknowledging the existence of other times and events.

During a session, I direct you to meditate and I take you verbally through a journey. You will think that your thoughts are just your imagination, but they are not. When you are in a meditative state, you are being assisted. You will experience your own journey. As in a reading, I am able to see things psychically and we will be discussing the memory journey together following the meditation.

A past life regression session is $95 for an hour session.
This can be done in person or by phone as well. By phone, you have an option of using the meditative method or have psychic information given in a form of a reading. It does depend on the purpose of the regression.