In our experience, we have removed and encountered a variety of ghosts and spirits. The experience that people have with so called poltergeist in homes is really an accumulation of negative ghosts or spirits. Negative attracts negative, so they can group together to make the negative energy stronger. Simply, they have gained strength over a period of time so they can work on individuals. Ghosts can use your physical body to communicate and they can try to communicate to you by other means. A possession usually occurs to vulnerable people who are sensitive, open spiritually, and may have emotional weaknesses and fears. The ghost or group of ghosts believe they have power, so it takes a process to weaken their power and remove them.

Negative ghosts or spirits are people who have not crossed over, have lived bad lives, hurt people around them, or done things they know are against God or the Creator. These individuals, when they have passed, are in a very confused state of mind. Some see the light but they are too scared to go into it or are scared of the judgment. They may also not want to let go of their control over people and they know if they go into the light they will lose that control. Sometimes the event that ended their life was very traumatic, thus the confusion. But they are only simple human spirits.

We remove these individuals from possession of people or property. In short, what we do is we open up the white light and ask for angelic and guided assistance. It is the same doorway that is felt or seen when a loved one passes away. The majority of ghost, ones only trying to be noticed, can see loved ones and they immediately go to them. You instantly feel the peacefulness.

In cases of what some people think are poltergeist and demons, when we open up the white light, they do not look into it. We have to use a stronger method to force them in. It is somewhat different with each case. It is our belief the devil, hell, or demons are negative entities that want to make you believe that they have power. Part of that belief is due to our focus to remove the negative energy to allow the positive energy to work. In other words, if you don't give much belief or thought to a negative force, it has no power. As you well know, these individuals affect our lives in a very negative way.

You may ask why negative people are going to the white light or heaven. We are all God's children, every individual, no matter what or where you are from or what you believe. That is not to say there is not consequences for your actions here on earth. You may ask if the angels can handle these individuals, let us reassure you. We have seen them many times pick them up and lift them in to the light. This negative energy that these individuals posses have to be removed from this earth for any improvements to happen in our world. What happens to them once they are released into the light is not for us to know.

We then ask for a blessing on your home, surrounding your home with the white light. We then educate you to continue to find peace and contentment with those around you and in your home. We have got to all start taking care of this earth on many different levels. Removing ghosts around you and your property is a start.

What is really amazing even to us is that we are able to do it remotely. It is working with energy of a spirit, just like we tap into your energy and the energy of a loved one. We can bring in any number of ghosts to our home and communicate with them. We do not need to be present at the site. We do need to have a contact person at the site to assist with the final blessing.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Do you believe this is God's work?

I have had people who are just opening up to their own soul work, such as medium, psychic, energy work, and healing, ask me if they should be afraid that what they are doing is wrong or evil. First of all, you just asking the question is showing that it is not. Remember, an insane person believes he is not insane, or wouldn't question it. Then there are the people who are probably the most ignorant, and immediately judge that this is evil. If you want to meet someone who is evil, let me introduce you to those people.

My impression of evil involves the real people that are here on earth. There are people who do harm to others in various degrees and do harm to themselves. They are living in a negative darkness, away from feeling love. I really can't see how someone can label work that helps people have better lives as evil. I don't get it and I'll never understand it. That judgment is based on fear. Maybe there is an intense fear of thinking for oneself rather than being controlled by others. It's amazing how one negative person can affect your entire being. When I have that type of feeling, I know it's the wrong way to think.

I never feel the need to get defensive about my work. I believe in my guidance and the love they have for people here on earth. I am guided in always seeing the truth behind every experience. I receive hundreds of thanks and encouragement to keep doing what I'm doing.A majority of people walk away from our time together, feeling lighter, more peaceful, and sensing the unconditional love that the white light gives them. I can see it in them. It's an energy that I can see and feel. That is the only reason I keep doing what I do.

Medium work is not a religious issue. Your loved ones are in heaven, in the light. Religion is not what is bringing a wife to be with a husband, a cousin with a uncle, a friend with another friend when they reach the other side. Love does. You can be any religion or culture you need to be to learn what you need to accomplish here, but being spiritual will definitely get you closer to your Creator. I meditate and connect with that higher power a lot more now than I ever did praying when I was younger. As long as the results are for your highest good, then it will always be good. I really believe you have to use the gifts that God gave you. Let go and see where you are guided.


If you have ever had the experience of meeting someone who channels or does trance work, it can be a unique experience to say the least. To really understand the concept of what is taking place, I may have to begin by briefly describing where the ability and information comes from. My experience has lead me not to question how or why, but just to allow it to work.

For you to even begin to believe in this system of delivery of information, you must have a basic knowledge and believe about angels and guides. The “guide” theory was a new concept to me when I began getting information about things I knew nothing about. I always believed that there was someone out there giving me some support in my thinking. Whether it was an inner voice, intuition, or literally a “being” with more knowledge than myself. What began this new belief system was learning how to meditate. You can not make a connection to this state of mind without meditating. To really understand how someone is able to do this, it is necessary to let go of all logic. The only way to let go of logic, the physical mind, is to come into a meditative state.

For the sake of terminology, I will use the word "Guide" to describe the person, being, or entity with the information. Channeling is one way to use a word to describe a process.Trance is the state of mind at the time of the process. Medium is the person who receives and delivers the information.

Let's be logical for a moment. I do believe it is good to have a healthy skepticism. Just because there are many, what I call, wanna be's. And who can't just make up a bunch of something and make it sound important. But then there is the plain, simple truth that comes from a voice that is not your own. When you are with someone who truly channels, you will feel it, sense it, or see it for yourself. And if you feel truly blessed, you can experience channeling from your guides. As with everything I experience when it comes to my spiritual path, it is important to accept only that which you resonate with, validate for yourself, and feels right to you. Many of the guided readings that take place have proven their validation to me over and over again. I can only share with you my experience and my belief based on that experience. You must discover your own spiritual connection.

Channeling is a talent. So is being a medium. You are born with it in your heart and it takes time to learn to work with this type of energy. And that is what it truly is. It's within you, given to you to use with a higher purpose in mind. In my case, I need to let go of my logical thinking, and all my own life's issues. Somewhere, somehow, I agreed to use this physical body to be used as an instrument to communication. Now why would we need this type of communication? Probably because a majority of people out there aren't hearing it for themselves and they would rather do things their own way. One thing I learned rather quickly, I can't do anything my own way or in my own time.

Channeling is not limited to guided communication only. Healers channel energy for physical and emotional purposes. Psychics are channeling to gather information. People who are doing any type of spiritual work, are channeling. You may be channeling when you are writing and ideas just come to you “out of the blue.” I have been able to experience several methods of channeling and have communicated with a wide array of people. When the guides communicate, it is a much deeper trace. It is like watching a dream, being aware of a dream, but upon awakening only remembering some of it. We have had to record many of the readings for this reason. I want to know what I said. It is easier for me to believe that it wasn't me that was speaking if I'm not fully present. But then it comes to times of very light trance. Totally being aware that I can think, but my thoughts are not mine. I still can not use my body my way, nor do I have much control over any physical ability. I must wait until what they need to say is finished. That can be more difficult to wrap my head around, but I no longer have any doubt what is taking place.

You need not fear being with someone who channels. You'll know if it is what you need. It is only guidance. No one can tell you or should tell you what you should do in any situation, but only give you the information for you to make the decision. Everything about our spiritual teachings have all been guided. That is what I know I can trust.

Meditation - A necessary part of HUMA

It is very important to establish a habit of meditation. There are thousands of ways that are taught and you need to always be on a journey to find the right way for you. But there is one way that is absolutely necessary to keep the Huma energy working for you, once you receive this healing.

We are constantly trying to teach people to learn to hear their own inner voice and the voice of those around them. You can not hear it if you are not in silence. You cannot connect to your spirit if you are distracted. We are not always talking about the dog barking or the phone ringing. It may be trying to meditate with music or a directional instruction. This kind of meditation is for a different intention. The Huma meditation is done for the intention of connecting with your inner guidance to assist with healing and letting go. So, it then must be done in a different way than you may be used to. There is no right or wrong with other meditations, but this type of meditation needs to be learned if your intent is to work with Huma energy.

Huma meditation is one that needs to be done every day. That's why it's important to have it be easy and so that it becomes a habit. You can add other types of meditation into your day or at other times, but know that the silent way is the most effective.

You can begin practicing this before you receive a healing as it will help you to establish a pattern and you will become more receptive to the healing.

Begin by becoming comfortable. I like to do it before I get out of bed in the morning and before going to sleep at night. (Warren and I need to do this after eating. The healing energy becomes strong when we are receiving physical energy as well.) Make sure your legs and arms are not crossed. The palms of your hands can be facing up or down, as this energy works with your solar-plex and crown area.

Take a deep, slow breath in (Count to 8). Feel your abs rising and open your shoulders as well. Feel the air filling your entire body.

Hold the breath (Count to 4). This allows the oxygen to travel farther into the body, from head to toe.

Release the breath through the mouth (Count to 8). Slowly and deeply. This helps to release all tension from the body and releases toxins.

Now repeat this breath work two more times.

Begin the silence now by breathing in and out with a regular rhythm through the nose. Let your mind focus on the breath. (You can think the words "in" and "out" to assist you in the beginning). Continue for a minimum of 5 minutes until complete. You may take one more deep breath when you are finished.

There is probably going to be thoughts that enter in or noises that disrupt the silence. Do not fight them, but rather make them a part of the process. Remember they are not to be your focus. Just remember that you are listening to your breath and go right back to it.

Meditation is the key to all healing. Let it become a part of your life. It will keep your calmer and focus on that which is important to you. You will gain more clarity of mind. You may not notice any real change at first, but we never seem to notice those good days we have after some bad ones. In the same way, you may not realize the benefits until you look back at where you began from.

Never underestimate the power that lies within you.

Psychic Medium Readings

These readings can be done in person or by phone. I do limit the number of readings I do in a week so that all the readings are quality. Doing medium work does take a tremendous amount of energy as it is necessary to stay in a high vibration during the reading. You may have experienced psychics doing a large number of readings in a day. Doing psychic work is a different vibration and can be done for longer periods of time. I do not do readings on the spot or just when someone has a short request. I prefer to properly prepare for your reading and also have both of us in a good state of mind. You may have a reading with a friend, family member, or others as a group as well. So remember, you are sharing your reading time with that person as something always comes through for them as well.

A Psychic Medium reading can be done in person or by phone. I usually request your address, email address, and phone number. Everything is confidential and will not be given out to anyone. All information stays with me. The address helps me to look at the numbers and it can tell me a lot about the home you live in and the people that live there. It is also helpful when checking for ghosts as well. The phone numbers also give me information and can show me things about your personality. In other words, sometimes numbers can be a tool to validate the information I am already sensing. It is not numerology and my numbering system is not the same. It is only used for my frame of reference. The email information is helpful if there is some reason I need to contact you. It is not necessary to have this information when doing a reading but it is a way to connect with your energy, similar to getting the first name of someone if you want me to talk about them in relationship to you.

We may discuss the issues that are important to you first. You will receive the information that is necessary for you at this time. It may be about a relationship or the lack of one. It may be about career and job issues. We could then be connected with a loved one on the other side. The personality of that person is what will come through. Sometimes it is a memory they shared with you or an indication of how they looked or other personality traits will be shown. A lot of times they tell me what you were just talking about, your favorite food, or how they connected with you recently. Sometimes they give me their names or the names of someone they need to talk about, here and on the other side. Not one reading is the same as everyone has their own style of communicating. I never know what is going to happen. Sometimes they appear very clearly, and other times it's just knowing what they feel.

I consider it a real honor to connect with your loved ones. It is a privilege to meet with them. They have taught me so much about how we go on. And the feeling of the love they have for you is very powerful. I want to thank you ahead of time for sharing that experience with me. My intention is that you walk away from this experience with a deeper understanding and some peace of mind. You may never look at life the same way again.

Psychic Medium Readings are $120 for 1 hour, $90 for 45 min., etc. during my normal business hours. I am available afternoons and evenings during the week. There is no additional charge for each person in a group reading, with a limit of 3 people.

1/2 hour readings are available after the initial one hour reading and is limited to one or two issues to be discussed. The cost is $60 for 1/2 hour. (Basically $30 for $15 min.)

There is no charge for missing person investigation or unsolved cases. I give what information is necessary.

All readings must be made by appointment. If the reading is in-person, you can pay at the time of the reading. If the reading is not in person, payment must be made in advance the day before the reading on my website Pay Now feature. This is for credit card and PayPal.  Check or money order can also be used if necessary.  All appointment cancellations must be made by phone number provided three days prior to appointment. A phone appointment can also be substituted for actual in person appointment if necessary.

Huma Healing


You may request this service if you are in need of assistance with a physical, mental, or emotional issue. We do not diagnosis or treat any illness or disease. We encourage people to continue all current treatments. It can be very validating when there are improvements. What Huma does is open up your intuition to guide you to the right treatments for you. It opens up other possibilities that you haven't thought of before. It encourages you to practice your inner faith and puts you in charge of decisions. It can help reveal to you where the source of the problem stems from, not just the current symptom. We do see that many physical issues are due to an emotional trauma. So, that is where to begin for healing to take place.

During a session, you are asked to meditate and allow yourself to let go of the cares and worries. You are also asked to think of others in need of healing so the energy can flow beyond you, as you effect many people in your life as well. Warren will then allow the energy to flow from him to you. This is not his energy, but the healing energy that you requested to be guided to you. While that is taking place, Mary Kay then allows the energy of information to come through. A spiritual guide communicates where the energy is going to validate for you what you need to work on and what is being worked on at the current time. As in a physical healing, a guide by the name of Dr. A. Wellington can pinpoint the physical issues you are currently experiencing. A different guide may come through for different issues.

One of the main reasons Huma is needed is to help us get "in tune" with our own guidance, our own intuition. The energy of Huma helps to awaken the spiritual mind and assists with connecting it to our physical mind. We call this bridging. Once that spiritual awakening occurs, you begin to see the truth about your life and you make the changes that is for your own good. If you are meant to do a spiritual job in this life time, it will show you your abilities and enhance them. It will also enhance the ability you were meant to work on in this life as well, like needing more ideas or inspirations in your physical job. In other words, Huma helps you to become clear minded.

To continue working and learning more about this energy, it is very necessary that you meditate. Huma opens the door, all you have to do is walk through it.

Most sessions take approximately an hour. This is so that you are in the energy for a longer period of time and that physical, as well as emotional issues, can be discussed.
If you have experienced a psychic medium reading previously with Mary Kay, you may just want a half hour session, but then we recommend a follow-up session with Warren at another time.

Huma Healing: $95 for one session with guided information
Huma Healing: $50 for one session

Huma Healing can be done in person or by phone. You need not be physically present, as it is working with energy. A time will be set for you to meditate and receive the healing. Information received will then be discussed by phone.

After the first time, you will just feel lighter, more at ease. You may have the best night's sleep ever. You could have a huge burst of energy and feel like doing tons of things the next day. If you keep meditating and follow the instructions given, you will keep feeling like this for up to three days. Usually around that time your symptoms may be again appearing. This is to let you know that this is what needs to be worked on. This works in steps. Some changes are so subtle that you may not even realize you are beginning to feel better. Remember, we don't always realize we are having a good day when we have one. We take it for granted. Then it eases up again and you know it is working. It is very similar to homeopothy if you are familiar with that. Each time symptoms appear, they begin to get lighter each time.

It is sometimes necessary to make some life changes if you want your physical and emotional body to change. But all these changes are worked slowly into your life as your personality dictates. The main change is to find the time to meditate every day and to drink water regularly. It is then your intuition and your body begins telling you the next step. When you open up to a different way of thinking, your whole outlook on life can change.

Ghost Removals

Warren's energy work has assisted many ghosts to find their peace. Huma energy can heal many of us who are physically present, but those that only think they are, really need to be heard and healed as well. A ghost is very confused, to say the least, but most of the time they are suffering. They usually are victims of a very traumatic ending or they are the cause of trauma in others. Their presence effects everyone around them.

First it is necessary to establish a haunting or a presence. This can be done during a psychic reading with Mary Kay. The ghost could be living on your property, in your home, or attached to you or someone in the family. You may also be totally aware of the ghosts who are around you as you have had experiences that leave you no doubt. You may not need a reading to begin the removal.

Once the connection with the ghost has been made, we are then able to begin the process. We do not need to personally be present, as this is all done on an energetic level. A ghost removal can take place during a reading or at another designated time. We energetically lift the ghost from your home and bring them to our designated area. At that time we have communication to find out what it is that is holding them here. Sometimes they tell us many details and sometimes they just need to have their existence acknowledged. My clairvoyance allows me to see who is waiting for them on the other side, as this person can come in and assist. We are always being guided by angelic presence and are there as needed. I can see the white light they walk into and sometimes we get the opportunity to feel the tremendous amount of love.

All the ghosts, what you consider good and bad, go into the light. Once they enter the passage beyond the light, we have no idea what exactly takes place. We just know that they will be taken care of. Sometimes these people want to escape going into the light, but they are not allowed to come back and have much assistance in getting them in. Sometimes the ghost will come back in spirit for a day or two. Usually this is a way of validating that they were removed. But generally your house and you will have a great sense of lightness and peacefulness.

We have never had any problem removing the ghosts that are present but we can not say you will never experience a ghost again. If you are very open, you may attract them. The area that you live in may also attract them. But they are much easier to remove if they do not belong there. Removing ghosts is also considered a healing and you are also assisting with that healing.

Ghost investigation and reading is $95 per hour.

Ghost removal involves you, your family, and your property. You can also designate another place that is important to you, such as your work place or other people close to you.

Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression has many purposes. It is one form of healing therapy and can have interesting results.

It can be a physical healing. You may have an unexplained pain that can not be resolved as it does not usually show a source. For example, I knew someone who had a sore shoulder for many years. There was no known injury or nothing seemed to show up during tests. In a regression, she found out that she was shot in the shoulder. The pain was released. Not every injury can be released this way, only if the connection was due to a past life.

It can be an emotional or personality healing. You may have fears that can not be explained or understood. I had one client that had an intense fear of losing her child. There seemed to be no logical reason. It was discovered that she lost her children by a terrible tragedy in another time and place. The fear began to subside.
Another client felt that he was entitled to only the best items, etc. It wasn't easy to function normally as he did not have the means to live that way. In the regression, he had been a young male that had a wealthy upbringing and died rather young. He was able to relax his intense need.

It is also an important part of a spiritual journey to help release blockages within your energy system. Your soul has many memories that sometimes lapse into your physical mind. You can begin to feel more content in life if you have had an opportunity to release past traumas and by also acknowledging the existence of other times and events.

During a session, I direct you to meditate and I take you verbally through a journey. You will think that your thoughts are just your imagination, but they are not. When you are in a meditative state, you are being assisted. You will experience your own journey. As in a reading, I am able to see things psychically and we will be discussing the memory journey together following the meditation.

A past life regression session is $95 for an hour session.
This can be done in person or by phone as well. By phone, you have an option of using the meditative method or have psychic information given in a form of a reading. It does depend on the purpose of the regression.

Charging For Our Services

We do not charge for the experience you are receiving, we only charge for our time. We have years of knowledge and experience in this type of work. We were guided that to get the most out of your experience, there must be a universal exchange. People who get things for free may not receive the type of benefit they would get if they did not give back in some way. We need to make ourselves available to help when it is needed so we are not able to work the normal type of job. Just to let you in on a little secret, when you walk between the worlds, it's a little hard to function in the here and now. We provide a service, similar to a therapist or health professional, that are paid for their knowledge and time. Paying for this type of service is truly an investment in your health and your future. We truly appreciate your business and we will always give you our best.

For our rates, please see specific service articles. Thank you.