In our experience, we have removed and encountered a variety of ghosts and spirits. The experience that people have with so called poltergeist in homes is really an accumulation of negative ghosts or spirits. Negative attracts negative, so they can group together to make the negative energy stronger. Simply, they have gained strength over a period of time so they can work on individuals. Ghosts can use your physical body to communicate and they can try to communicate to you by other means. A possession usually occurs to vulnerable people who are sensitive, open spiritually, and may have emotional weaknesses and fears. The ghost or group of ghosts believe they have power, so it takes a process to weaken their power and remove them.

Negative ghosts or spirits are people who have not crossed over, have lived bad lives, hurt people around them, or done things they know are against God or the Creator. These individuals, when they have passed, are in a very confused state of mind. Some see the light but they are too scared to go into it or are scared of the judgment. They may also not want to let go of their control over people and they know if they go into the light they will lose that control. Sometimes the event that ended their life was very traumatic, thus the confusion. But they are only simple human spirits.

We remove these individuals from possession of people or property. In short, what we do is we open up the white light and ask for angelic and guided assistance. It is the same doorway that is felt or seen when a loved one passes away. The majority of ghost, ones only trying to be noticed, can see loved ones and they immediately go to them. You instantly feel the peacefulness.

In cases of what some people think are poltergeist and demons, when we open up the white light, they do not look into it. We have to use a stronger method to force them in. It is somewhat different with each case. It is our belief the devil, hell, or demons are negative entities that want to make you believe that they have power. Part of that belief is due to our focus to remove the negative energy to allow the positive energy to work. In other words, if you don't give much belief or thought to a negative force, it has no power. As you well know, these individuals affect our lives in a very negative way.

You may ask why negative people are going to the white light or heaven. We are all God's children, every individual, no matter what or where you are from or what you believe. That is not to say there is not consequences for your actions here on earth. You may ask if the angels can handle these individuals, let us reassure you. We have seen them many times pick them up and lift them in to the light. This negative energy that these individuals posses have to be removed from this earth for any improvements to happen in our world. What happens to them once they are released into the light is not for us to know.

We then ask for a blessing on your home, surrounding your home with the white light. We then educate you to continue to find peace and contentment with those around you and in your home. We have got to all start taking care of this earth on many different levels. Removing ghosts around you and your property is a start.

What is really amazing even to us is that we are able to do it remotely. It is working with energy of a spirit, just like we tap into your energy and the energy of a loved one. We can bring in any number of ghosts to our home and communicate with them. We do not need to be present at the site. We do need to have a contact person at the site to assist with the final blessing.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.