Huma Healing


You may request this service if you are in need of assistance with a physical, mental, or emotional issue. We do not diagnosis or treat any illness or disease. We encourage people to continue all current treatments. It can be very validating when there are improvements. What Huma does is open up your intuition to guide you to the right treatments for you. It opens up other possibilities that you haven't thought of before. It encourages you to practice your inner faith and puts you in charge of decisions. It can help reveal to you where the source of the problem stems from, not just the current symptom. We do see that many physical issues are due to an emotional trauma. So, that is where to begin for healing to take place.

During a session, you are asked to meditate and allow yourself to let go of the cares and worries. You are also asked to think of others in need of healing so the energy can flow beyond you, as you effect many people in your life as well. Warren will then allow the energy to flow from him to you. This is not his energy, but the healing energy that you requested to be guided to you. While that is taking place, Mary Kay then allows the energy of information to come through. A spiritual guide communicates where the energy is going to validate for you what you need to work on and what is being worked on at the current time. As in a physical healing, a guide by the name of Dr. A. Wellington can pinpoint the physical issues you are currently experiencing. A different guide may come through for different issues.

One of the main reasons Huma is needed is to help us get "in tune" with our own guidance, our own intuition. The energy of Huma helps to awaken the spiritual mind and assists with connecting it to our physical mind. We call this bridging. Once that spiritual awakening occurs, you begin to see the truth about your life and you make the changes that is for your own good. If you are meant to do a spiritual job in this life time, it will show you your abilities and enhance them. It will also enhance the ability you were meant to work on in this life as well, like needing more ideas or inspirations in your physical job. In other words, Huma helps you to become clear minded.

To continue working and learning more about this energy, it is very necessary that you meditate. Huma opens the door, all you have to do is walk through it.

Most sessions take approximately an hour. This is so that you are in the energy for a longer period of time and that physical, as well as emotional issues, can be discussed.
If you have experienced a psychic medium reading previously with Mary Kay, you may just want a half hour session, but then we recommend a follow-up session with Warren at another time.

Huma Healing: $95 for one session with guided information
Huma Healing: $50 for one session

Huma Healing can be done in person or by phone. You need not be physically present, as it is working with energy. A time will be set for you to meditate and receive the healing. Information received will then be discussed by phone.

After the first time, you will just feel lighter, more at ease. You may have the best night's sleep ever. You could have a huge burst of energy and feel like doing tons of things the next day. If you keep meditating and follow the instructions given, you will keep feeling like this for up to three days. Usually around that time your symptoms may be again appearing. This is to let you know that this is what needs to be worked on. This works in steps. Some changes are so subtle that you may not even realize you are beginning to feel better. Remember, we don't always realize we are having a good day when we have one. We take it for granted. Then it eases up again and you know it is working. It is very similar to homeopothy if you are familiar with that. Each time symptoms appear, they begin to get lighter each time.

It is sometimes necessary to make some life changes if you want your physical and emotional body to change. But all these changes are worked slowly into your life as your personality dictates. The main change is to find the time to meditate every day and to drink water regularly. It is then your intuition and your body begins telling you the next step. When you open up to a different way of thinking, your whole outlook on life can change.