Do you believe this is God's work?

I have had people who are just opening up to their own soul work, such as medium, psychic, energy work, and healing, ask me if they should be afraid that what they are doing is wrong or evil. First of all, you just asking the question is showing that it is not. Remember, an insane person believes he is not insane, or wouldn't question it. Then there are the people who are probably the most ignorant, and immediately judge that this is evil. If you want to meet someone who is evil, let me introduce you to those people.

My impression of evil involves the real people that are here on earth. There are people who do harm to others in various degrees and do harm to themselves. They are living in a negative darkness, away from feeling love. I really can't see how someone can label work that helps people have better lives as evil. I don't get it and I'll never understand it. That judgment is based on fear. Maybe there is an intense fear of thinking for oneself rather than being controlled by others. It's amazing how one negative person can affect your entire being. When I have that type of feeling, I know it's the wrong way to think.

I never feel the need to get defensive about my work. I believe in my guidance and the love they have for people here on earth. I am guided in always seeing the truth behind every experience. I receive hundreds of thanks and encouragement to keep doing what I'm doing.A majority of people walk away from our time together, feeling lighter, more peaceful, and sensing the unconditional love that the white light gives them. I can see it in them. It's an energy that I can see and feel. That is the only reason I keep doing what I do.

Medium work is not a religious issue. Your loved ones are in heaven, in the light. Religion is not what is bringing a wife to be with a husband, a cousin with a uncle, a friend with another friend when they reach the other side. Love does. You can be any religion or culture you need to be to learn what you need to accomplish here, but being spiritual will definitely get you closer to your Creator. I meditate and connect with that higher power a lot more now than I ever did praying when I was younger. As long as the results are for your highest good, then it will always be good. I really believe you have to use the gifts that God gave you. Let go and see where you are guided.