Asking For Mentoring

I am often asked if I would mentor or teach how to learn or work with skills regarding reading others, be more psychic, connect with loved ones, or work with ghosts, etc. I am asked for classes, other teachers, or what books can be recommended. There are many reasons and variables that doesn't make it always possible to meet some of these requests.

I have met a number of gifted people over the years. The readings and healings, which assist people to open up the intuitive spiritual side of themselves, reveals that they have a spiritual path ahead. It is not always revealed at that time how they are meant to do their spiritual work. They may still have to work a conventional way while they learn and grow, or start working with other people when given a spiritual direction. It is a rare gift to be a witness to a person opening up to their gift. Most gifted, sensitive people don't want to share their gifts right away as it takes time to build confidence.

There are also people who have a desire to be a reader or healer, partly because they may have had a positive experience with this realm of work and it could fill an emptiness in their life. They may also think of it as a easier way to make a living. When I ask some  people why they want to be more psychic, their first response may be they want to be self-employed, work from home, or want a different job. A truly gifted person has a calling within their soul that asks them to begin work and gives them a universal exchange to provide them the opportunity to do this work. The truth is and should be to help others feel peace and to heal their heart and soul. People may have a delusion about what it takes to do this work, including sacrifices and responsibility for someone's life issues.

In regards to classes and workshops, they can be helpful to validate what you know or feel to be right for you, but I always advice to take what feels right and let the rest go. Everyone can only teach from their own experience  and we are still all learning. I like to teach and share what I have learned through our seminars. It allows me to be the instrument of information, and to experience messages from spiritual guidance and loved ones.

The best way to work spiritually is to allow divine guidance to help things come into alignment. I have also found that my job has always been to help people by being a medium and healing individually, and the time spent with each client takes energy to stay in a state of mind that allows information to flow. Not allowing people to be dependent on this information and showing people to use their own intuition, is why I recommend once or twice a year reading at most. I do know that spiritual therapy may also be needed on occasion. Opportunities to do your work always present themselves and all you have to do is show up.  So to teach someone individually to be more open to the spirit world would take a tremendous amount of time. It would take time away from healing and connecting as well. If I was to mentor or teach, I would be guided to do that and know that it would be a benefit. At times, we hold gatherings for people to learn how to meditate, how to connect with guides, how to recognize if a ghost was around you, etc; and I found that people resonate to what feels right.

Having someone mentor you is not always a good direction to take. Someone to assure or give you a nudge should be appreciated, but you must learn to work with your own gift. You should never measure your gifts by someone else or try to copy their way of doing things.The key is to meditate daily and connect with your own intuition and take note of every spiritual visit, sign and knowledge given to you and show gratitude. Take opportunities to give your best self to others. Heal any negativity in your own life and practice forgiveness. Practice and then practice again. Show patience. Shine you light your way.